22 novembre 2011

His small body in the crowd always seems so strange

It was dark, tube window not ourselves RS Gold, was wet with rain upwind into thin blankets.   The whole day, nonstop rain. In early autumn rain brings a bit of cool relief, he curled in a corner on cabin top webs daze.   He is to long for the rain to stop!   On the door is locked, only one bed in the room, a small stool, an old blanket and some of his shabby clothes.   Call him up, they are just whining pharynx pharynx, he shook the door frame, eventually attracted people's attention, so some people... [Lire la suite]
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15 novembre 2011

Whispering loving glance residue windows window misty drizzle

Quiet comfort, with bronze candlesticks on the yoyo Chan Heung, as if spanning thousands of years, you wear Green shirts, quietly and religious interpretation of drunken American nichang dance with the RS Gold. ON MAWEI SLOPE down from the cold, but your delicate and lifted. My moment of silence, your heart shining a bright red flower, yuhuan, yuhuan .... Want to reach out and seize, come discover is yoyo inhibition by inhibiting Zen incense, Cabasa, broken strings sth   Whispering loving glance residue Windows,... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2011

A path of draw out to infinite distance slowly spreading in front

A path of draw out to infinite distance slowly spreading in front of my eyes, though I couldn't see road goes where, what is the scenery along the edge of the road, but I clearly know that road is not as smooth as the RS Gold, roadside will not always be pleasant scenery. A leaf, like casually from my nose cut through, as to cover the eyes I looked to the ups and downs. Binocular will only be covered at the moment, immense suffering or was I the eye. In life, we sometimes need to walk in a hurry while on the road, but... [Lire la suite]
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