28 octobre 2011

Good want to forget the past kindness and enmity and would like

For some people some thing, despite oral Shang still has complained, face Shang still has indifference, may in this endless of dark in, cross in heart of iceberg early has melting, in helpless and lonely in the Cheap Aion Kina, reminds of still is had of points bit drops, those this life cannot leave of feelings, past lives has you I difficult to leave of Miss, this life, has you I cannot gave up of responsibility, afterlife has you I cannot resists of conventions. So, in this life, you and I can only pass by.   Good want... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2011

Were you aware chocolate was originated in Guatemala

Were you aware chocolate was originated in Guatemala? So it once was a goody in order to the rich? Chocolate features a fascinating history!   The Olmecs occupied a small area south of Veracruz and were the primary cultivators within the cacao pod. The Mayans were next, just south of current day Mexico, to elevate chocolate to status within the Gods. They named the chocolate tree Cacahuaquchtl (tree) as they quite simply were concerned hardly any other tree was worth naming. They believed the tree belonged towards gods and this... [Lire la suite]
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