22 octobre 2011

They may have one end of the continent the desire of the eyes are looking for

You are a shallow Strait in the Gulf, is weilan package a Pearl like the WOW Gold, in the immense Pacific Ocean, you are a pair of eyes I looked, it is the motherland peering eyes of the world.   In a rush of the Yangtze River, is mother to find your steps and shout, the mother's heart, you're away-comers, you Jin Jin methotrexate. Close close a surname Dove, River Island, how distant and intimate sound. Like blood like a skin as the inheritance of, Ah, blood is thicker than water, you can hear the mother's voice? ... [Lire la suite]
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22 octobre 2011

Remember when I was leaving that day I again and again checked

Memories in my wandering in the fall season, the West wind still bleak, autumn rains make love again, but nobody told me "late autumn joy", I started a little used to it. Once everything into Akisue and early winter to nothing, until the autumn wind is becoming increasingly windy, I came to believe that the past who didn't want to wave goodbye, really cruel now become in the past. The past, has lost sight of, the youth, already finish at, memories, more and more light, you and I, will also meet again?   Remember when... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2011

A path of draw out to infinite distance slowly spreading in front

A path of draw out to infinite distance slowly spreading in front of my eyes, though I couldn't see road goes where, what is the scenery along the edge of the road, but I clearly know that road is not as smooth as the RS Gold, roadside will not always be pleasant scenery. A leaf, like casually from my nose cut through, as to cover the eyes I looked to the ups and downs. Binocular will only be covered at the moment, immense suffering or was I the eye. In life, we sometimes need to walk in a hurry while on the road, but... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2011

Were you aware chocolate was originated in Guatemala

Were you aware chocolate was originated in Guatemala? So it once was a goody in order to the rich? Chocolate features a fascinating history!   The Olmecs occupied a small area south of Veracruz and were the primary cultivators within the cacao pod. The Mayans were next, just south of current day Mexico, to elevate chocolate to status within the Gods. They named the chocolate tree Cacahuaquchtl (tree) as they quite simply were concerned hardly any other tree was worth naming. They believed the tree belonged towards gods and this... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2011

Yu garden spring mud

Yu garden spring mud   The autumn wind, autumn moon, charming autumn scenery; tight, flood, difficult emotions. The autumn wind brushed, shake down with slices of yellow leaves, and in my mind, there are Maple falls, that leaves inserts Phnom Penh, speckled, blood, tears, color dark red.   This dark red maple leaves appear to Reiki and went straight into my heart. Between negligence, the leaves are gone, a yellow paper letterheads of gently falling. Looking intently at this century before Lin Juemin... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2011

The tips for you to get the best wow gold

As you may know, probably the most important thing in World of warcraft is to buy the WOW gold, while we the wow gold amongst people, what / things we do with the gold, It is my opinion wrong in size puzzle. Don't get worried, the email address details are below of the WOW Gold! How to attract the Gold in World of Warcraft is a big problem this task is often a much skills needed! And from now on I will inform you of one skill about how precisely precisely to obtain the Gold in World of Warcraft and not run... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2011


Long, long time, my heart to go with you, and break; I care is when you die, sad; are you've got my eyes, tears sth   As you said, I do not know what happened, why do people have to shed tears? Especially when not consciously tears, I always had a strange feeling! I don't know why you are crying, but I have seen your heart, have read you; I don't want to advise you, but I'll cry with you, and you claim that salt, the kind of sth   Reading your story, sad my heart! Listen to your heart, infected my... [Lire la suite]
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07 octobre 2011

The faint memories

I know that we all are so stubborn, no one would say a few words. When eating, meal you come for me, but I have no appetite at all, you have nothing to eat. We were sitting. From your eyes, I could not find the previous you again, I mad that for you. ­  Loss of time quietly, but I do not know how to cherish. Finally I say a word: we could start over? You say: I'm not going to go back. At that time, I would like to say a Word is: I'm waiting for you! But I said nothing, my character doesn't... [Lire la suite]
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29 septembre 2011

Loneliness is a hint of pathos

Living in this disturbance the noise of the world, sometimes really needs its own space to be alone. You can fly your heart, everything can be thought, whatever you want do not want to. Alone Shizumi ensued, Qing Ling ensued, warm ensued: alone when the poor rich, lonely gentle.   Their own, often seen alone within, but alone it is also a beauty it is different from the lonely lonely, sad sad, it is a relaxed, subtle, quiet beauty.   Alone Shi, can memories past, and vision future; can idea a article works;... [Lire la suite]
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24 septembre 2011


Hi !  Nice to see all of you !
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