16 décembre 2011

You can cast illusions unrealistic to increase

Will you accept a faded colorful decoration of apricot tree, please? Will you accept a life of the people who really do? The apricot, mottled, bald, and some ugly, some appalling injuries the Buy WOW GoldLike a Peacock has been pulling light colored satin wings, what bright and cheery is gone, what shortcomings and mistakes are obvious. Like a unloading to has honors, and status, and money of paupers, you had love with of people, had of decoration gorgeous, and Halo shrouded of people, he now on in you before, no has decoration, shocking, you saw has selfishness, saw has give way to violence, saw has cowardly pain, saw has you forever do not want to saw of all negative of things, and these on really really long after of in this people who, is this people life indivisible of part, you can face this this really, no wishes to no seeking of accept he did?


You can cast illusions, unrealistic to increase, facing up to these incomplete, with their gentle hands touching the scar, sighed, and unconditional love you? What do you love this person, is dazzling in the Sun, is the true state of life, are all benefits of additional, or simply to satisfy their own vanity. Do you enjoy a real tree? What would you love a person, right? Even an incomplete devastated people, a sick even the health of people.


In order to preserve the lives of the trees, behind the colorful, also do not care of what dignity, naked for the winter, maybe stabbed Amy's eyes, but it is necessary for them to preserve their own lives. People does, every day to so-called of honors, and career, and dignity playing spell, dang one day winter hit to of when, you will found, you by pursuit of polished bright of feathers, also will have fall a to, has value of immortal of things eventually cover can't you of character Ah, you also is will removed you of decoration, and various label, naked of lying in belonging to you of night of. In your winter, you have nothing, only their ugly naked body, alone, one lonely through the withered winter.


And those who had been visiting, appreciation, and admire the onlooker, probably can't accept a no scenery of apricot tree, cannot accept the cruel truth behind a perfect, many flee in all directions. All the leaves come tumbling falling to the ground, you hear a sigh from the heart, xinglin exceptions winter silence. Live life, plants in autumn. How will life change, billowing red dust, love hate East passing water, bustling fell out and return to tame nature. You actually had a leaf, just a fan, let your glory lost, ever beyond recognition, you yourself with your own dialogue, own consolation, issue security and love themselves, although no one likes a falling leaves tree, but you have your mission of deep, you still have to survive.

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