08 décembre 2011

spent the most wonderful time in life

That year, talking about the wedding on the married, star-crossed lovers, Palm hand, walked the red carpet.


In January, attached, like honey, spent the most wonderful time in life.


That night, candle shadow shakes red, be very much in love, were to visit the Green curtain of tall crops, creating unique Princess Baylor in the world, is made below knee.


On that day, daily necessaries of life, in pots tend to dull.


Strong coffee, one taste of love, but cannot withstand time and time again been diluted sth


Love is like a epiphyllum oxypetalum, fleeting, marriages end than the seven year itch.


The room smoky, intense smell of tobacco in the air, with a sigh, across midnight serenity you locking brow, reclining on a sofa, in silence, as there are thousands of thoughts.

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