08 décembre 2011

Ancient marriage mostly parents handle matchmaker with uranium

Marriage, synonymous with complex. Two strangers by acquaintances, strangers, combination of after love.Breed, presents; love generation, inheritance and family, maintain family buy cheap wow gold responsibilities. By fuel rice cooking oil and salt daily necessities, pots for Symphony Orchestra, live, live.


Ancient marriage mostly parents handle, matchmaker with uranium conspiracy, the, but there are patriarchal.The freedom of marriage, equality between men and women of today, the advancement of women, freedom of choice, you can choose your favorite, Chinese and Italian people have families. Men are so free from feudal constraints, are not subject to interference by parents, free love. How high are marital happiness index?


Grown men and women, elation, hyperplasia of sincerity, which is understandable. Nanhuannu: AI, RESONANCE BETWEEN TWO LOVERS, with the most beautiful love into the aisle is a dote on life, love love and be loved, into the marriage of the call; love hand in hand with for some reason or the purpose of marriage, which has termed the unfortunate.


Marriage is a very long journey, both men and women has not yet started walking the numerous contradictions, disagreements, how one step open difficult? Even if the synchronized walking, ideology is not uniform, objective is inconsistent, you Tung (him) she West, the end result is parted ways through their journey. Marriage, it's two people work together to their loved ones together to accomplish a journey, fled over to travel long distances. To steadily forward during that journey, tolerance, inclusion, trust is essential to drink products; ease on the way to marriage, I wonder if you, me, empathy is essential for spiritual food; to think two people work together to reach the destination, heart-to-heart exchanges, communication, and wisdom.

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