30 novembre 2011

Northland under snow quietly all night it's still too early

Even Northern ice, great snow, South of steaming, as if in June the Chek Lap Kok Yang, fire and ice a two-day, two very different seasons, let people into two extreme environment, always with a tinge of false color. Long streamer, memory has become strained, like a dream-like true magic illusion.


Northland under snow quietly all night, it's still too early, a bit gloomy, the whole world into space: home, a glimpse of the snow was not forgotten, swaying in the gray morning light as white then health and attitude, white was so dazzling, moving was not our eyes. How long have seen the snow scenes of play? How long, not seen covered with snow, white wrapped meat, also followed a new feeling? And how long the snow heart into this indifferent?


Before you know it, has been sorrowful-looking for a long time, forget, forget my youth, it seems that how things are already unorthodox for a long time, heart in the process of gradual growth being killed was tired, as if GeSHi now has a share of a distant sense of Litsea cubeba Atto WOW Gold EuPerhaps, people in some pain after the grounding, would eventually take off, but the initial growth process, still lurk in the body. As long as once touched, memory such as a fire, and lightning speed trend quickly spread, and there is nowhere to hide a dull pain, invasion and every inch of your skin, you are hiding out.

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