22 novembre 2011

Both walking down the street and in the home

In his memory, there is no toy and partner because he is a mute, Yes, he does not speak. From the time he was five years old his parents just after he bought.


At that time, everyone smiles to him, he just cries, he was the treasure in this strange family, but he was always talking, one year, two years, he grew and adoptive parents about his attitude is getting worse. Later, he had a brother, which has raised cattle cabin, has become his home.


Both walking down the street and in the home, people tend to laugh at the fool him and, in particular the children, they always take his bread, the damage dealt by his clothes, riding in his possession, even urinated on him.


Is often called him a foolish child, he thought so too, because he did not know what is right, what is wrong.


Whenever he was dirty when you go back, will be a good scolding, he never excuse what, in fact, he cannot excuse.


He often followed a group of naughty children behind, he needs a friend, and he is just a scapegoat after each got into trouble, he does not care about these, it is precisely because of these, he can feel alive.

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