22 novembre 2011

I just stand there quietly letting the light rain

Always tempted to think, just silence, could not help but sadness, could not help but too much is too much, couldn't tell, nor to interpret only with bitter tears, it renders out over and over again.


In the sky, rain gently float, gently brushed me lonely figure, and I just could not escape its gentle embrace, I just stand there quietly, letting the light rain that silk kiss of warm tears on my face, a string is a string back into the heart.


At one time, indulge in the slightest facial expression you; there was moved by your subtle and considerate.Now, they have become my sad aperture, no matter how I blocked, will always have the slightest gap, quietly to Miss flood, sadness, counter-current River.


 Wheel of fate is also working with the most original tracks?


If we have not met, the future is, they no longer have so much if?


Strand of rainy season in June, slightly bitter, weave the story ends with both hands, and a little sad, also have a little cry. Maybe we meet doomed just this life pass by, like a particular lens Cheapest WOW Gold, put on a particular plot, and ought to love belong to eventually become numb to each other.

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