15 novembre 2011

In childhood I'm also obsessed with the same white fog

First white fog early this morning by my is not awakened dream Cheapest WOW Gold, sometimes I don't understand is this real or illusory, however, when I confused eyes, he found himself the first wake up, family and neighbors asleep, before-floats or is the white fog.


In childhood, I'm also obsessed with the same white fog. In those days themselves, apparently was not enough understanding of mist, and fancy is immortal hidden in it, "immortal is to invite me to the world? "I often ask myself seems to be a stupid question. Including today's I think back to when you are ignorant of the unknown world, attached to such mind obsessed, head, also has a soft, delicate of that piece seemed to fog. On such, from small I will like Shang has white fog, it of Dim mystery actually enough to let all child for of moved guessing, just other of children may didn't I so persistent and boring 's, this is looks is I of poor, but is other children of maximum unfortunately, they didn't and white fog contact, also does not and white fog dialog, led others children thought and character level of monotone, notes this in future will formed another a of barren, that is soul soil of barren, so they of inside may is boring of, is ash black of. Of course, this does not mean everyone.


I charm of childhood is a black fog has another guess, "it is not from the other world of Elves, but the most common phenomenon in the world. "However, I really like it. Why is that? Because of his soft, cool, and that incomparable original, don't go through something humans deliberately shaped, some are the original, it is a kind and gentle. White mist, it does not use their charms to let anyone crush one, replacing the gorgeous only a plain-and-white, "Earless Reed grey, white dew or frost. "That is, the ancient view of such good. Every morning, jogging in the fog is my fun at that time, stretched their hands touch distance, hazy, white fog becomes comfortable with the immersion of soil. I think this is a unique cultural and historical roots, as an ordinary child is looking far away, but not completely seen.

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