15 novembre 2011

Whispering loving glance residue windows window misty drizzle

Quiet comfort, with bronze candlesticks on the yoyo Chan Heung, as if spanning thousands of years, you wear Green shirts, quietly and religious interpretation of drunken American nichang dance with the RS GoldON MAWEI SLOPE down from the cold, but your delicate and lifted. My moment of silence, your heart shining a bright red flower, yuhuan, yuhuan .... Want to reach out and seize, come discover is yoyo inhibition by inhibiting Zen incense, Cabasa, broken strings sth


Whispering loving glance residue Windows, window Misty Drizzle, inside the Windows depicting life heart and soul. Whether or not, past life we meet Datang;, you're gone through my past lives. Peach blossoms falling, green mud dyeing and cream, whether or not, you still remember me, whether they will be a night of rain, and light carrying efflorescence, breaks the farmers knew I Xuan picker window?


Rain falling in the alley, Alley as always gloomy. Gloomy is my comfort the strings, who deciphered my silent language. I was in, in the alley, you review of.

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