08 novembre 2011

Talk about "one to go back to" the word what would be everyone think?

I turned over this a few days at home behind the previous accumulation of various publications, read an article called "the most difficult storm the enemy". Set out in today's society Cheapest WOW Gold, pure friendship of rare and precious, and the need for it in our lives. What struck me quite a lot, and wish to write an article called "go back", to explain.


Talk about "one to go back to" the word, what would be everyone think? Probably think differently, with some, but I personally think that to go back to be difficult, especially in the current and ever-changing complexity of the social atmosphere, and some things should go back to, such as friendship, justice and who have, as well as a vibrant young mind, and other types of positive things. Now we look back and think about the next, as once they have owned it? Perhaps, when when I look back I found some had already gone or has changed for some reason, whether it is a good attitude, emotions, or other aspects. At this point, do we pay more attention to and care for their own still owns, all of the remaining.


Said talked about here, I think a friend of his, he's my old friend, I've known him for nearly a decade. Ago, I miss him very much, will call on the phone, asked him to come out next for recreation. We say good meet at the old way, he is free, can only be carried out smoothly. Thus, in the afternoon of that day, I met with him. He is still high, and fat, a bit black and yellow, plain clothes, common as simple as before be honest also disclosed that simple and that really. I called for his older brother, he was very happy. I've called him, while casually but he is not too much restraint. Soon, on the old road that we walk in childhood Stampede, it was many years ago, way back home. He seems to care about me, he asked me "how recently? "I turned a smile" day have to do this, as long as not take to heart what is good is not good, not Pouilly civilians like you, quite ordinary. "He shook his head free, bowing slightly higher. I hastened to take this opportunity to ask him how did, very curious, and is concerned about his situation. He says, "monthly KB block change did not work, or we can do? Employment so difficult now, better than no OK. "Then he said to me" I don't want to do something bad, opportunistic things, is also down to Earth real collapse, makes me more peace of mind. "Listen to this sentence. I firmly believe that he is not subtle in changing the world, he both in appearance and is inherent in the discourse related to childhood--simple, honest, and this understanding on chest.

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